Extra Form
date 2018
title 폭격(착시Bombing(Optical illusion)
SIZE=height×width ( cm ) 145.5×209.1cm
Material Acrylic on canvas
11 저화질.jpg

미사일이 휭휭 날아다니던 어느 해 어느 오후.

개와 산책하던 내 앞에 무거운 뭔가가 ‘퍽’하고 떨어지며 깨졌다.

그 순간 산책하던 공원엔 새들의 전쟁이 시작되어 어지러워졌고

개는 순간 부풀어 올랐다.


One afternoon when missiles were whooshing by.

Something hit the ground with ‘bam’ and bursted

in front me while me and my dog were taking for a walk.

Then the park became chaotic as bird started battle

and the dog inflated in a wink.